Attitude and job satisfaction case study

The UK Board of the parent company decided though to adopt a completely open mind and to fully explore its options before reaching any decision. In this instance, either the manager will notice Megan's dissatisfaction, when it is too late, after she has resigned or when Megan's dissatisfaction spills over into her work.

Job characteristics, social comparison, and disposition are factors that contribute to job satisfaction. Public Personnel Management, Vol. The proportion of satisfied employees on these parameters ranged between 50 to 70 percent. No one likes a "Negative Nellie.

Examining Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction - Case Study Example

Detective Matthews is also under the impression that social networking with the current supervisors is more important to obtain a promotion, rather than work ethic or experience. He could also be motivated from his desire to keep his job, and to reach retirement and receive his pension.

It can play a big part of your identity. Daniel, when he shows up, is not much help as he believes that answering the phone is his only responsibility. There are no other types of personal days. However, looking at her situation objectively, Megan realizes that it might be time to utilize her knowledge and skills elsewhere.

Half of the respondents were from office cadre staff. Methodology This ex-post facto approach was considered most suitable to understand the phenomenon of job satisfaction of employees of the ICICI bank. He stated that despite all that, he still does like his job. Such respondents accounted for People who exhibit positive outlooks on life tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction than those who do not PSU WC, L.

Measure the effects of company management over the previous two years. While a dissatisfied worker may choose to miss work, a satisfied employee may not be able to attend work due to various circumstances.

For instance, during half of the year, people work almost every weekend and even in emergencies can not get the time off they need. Detective Matthews first worked as a patrol officer and was awarded Officer-of-the-Year in The cumulative evidence of research studies also points out that various dimensions of organization, such as, salary, training and development, rewards and compensation, nature of job, promotion, autonomy, communication, job security, morale, role clarity, attitude of superiors, working conditions, team work etc.

To Detective Matthews, promotions are based on being part of the 'good old boy' system. Relations of job characteristics from multiple data sources with employee affect, absence, turnover intentions, and health.

Finally, the behavioral component of his job satisfaction shows us he is predisposed to go above and beyond at work; however, if he feels that no reward will come of his hard work, he is inclined not to continue working as hard. Priority topics were confirmed as: The position she filled had been vacant for an extended period of time, which left many administrative duties undone.

Business A computer equipment manufacturer. Megan is an exceptional worker, and what she and the other employees are asking for is not unreasonable. She values her job and is looking forward to her performance review.

For example, if an individual expects to move up in a company but is in a position that is at the ceiling for advancement they are not going to be satisfied with that aspect of the job.

As these are not evenly distributed, may affect differentially performance of the workers. Disposition Although Detective Matthews states that his home life is positive, due to the nature of his work, he has a more cynical view of life. Therefore, while she is helping out in the office, student files, grades, and tuitions must be updated and recorded in order to generate an annual report.

Besides this, in new technological environment, the issue of employee satisfaction with their job, acquires an added significance due to diversity in terms of technology, manufacturing process, nature of job, division of work requires specialized knowledge and skills to perform a particular job.

Megan has recently missed confirming contracts with two new marketing partners because she was waiting for approval. Another area of dissatisfaction for Detective Matthews has to do with his supervisor. Those dissatisfied with this were lesser in number This does not mean that one can assume that the worker is unhappy or lazy because of that.

He makes a hobby out of putting in job applications and has been offered several positions, but he stays where he is in order to collect his full pension when he retires in four years.In this background the present study entitled, ‘A study of Job Satisfaction of Employees of ICICI Bank in Himachal Pradesh’ was conducted.

The main focus of this study was to assess the job satisfaction of bank employees in the context of organizational factors.


A Critical Analysis of Employee Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Apple UK Sharif Mollah Job satisfaction influence by the Job Satisfaction factors which is influence by external factors. However, the developments of the company depends on how the employees do their duties, Job Satisfaction refers the attitude other employees.

Job Satisfaction 1. Introduction Specific employee attitude relating to job satisfaction is of major interest in the field of organizational behavior and the practice of human resources management now. Job Satisfaction 1. Introduction Specific employee attitude relating to job satisfaction is of major interest in the field of organizational behavior and the practice of human resources management now.

This chapter explains how understanding the psychology of attitudes and perceptions can help us better manage the employees of the health (see case study Scott’s Dilemma, Case Study ).

Case Study raise, decrease his or her level of productivity, or seek another job. Formation of Attitudes How are attitudes formed? Attitude.


Case Study 1 is designed to address issues pertaining to the emotions, attitudes, and job satisfaction of others. Read the "Trader Joe's" case study on page W in the back of your textbook to examine how emotions, attitudes, and job satisfaction influence decision-making.

Attitude and job satisfaction case study
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