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I want them to be able to reach something in life. This is the main subject matter of monetary economics.

Essay on Money: Meaning, Functions and Role

The rate of interest is the link between the real sphere Role of money essay the monetary sphere. In short, it has become part and parcel of our lives. Of course, I understand everybody needs to be put off for the future, but I never set it aside for a rainy day, as many people do.

On analyzing the current situation in regard to payment methods and transactions, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the paper money will give in to electronic payments in the future.

Not only because I think money brings happiness, also because I want to be on the safe side.

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People who have to regularly worry about daily bread and butter cannot concentrate on developing a fitness regime for themselves. Do you feel the need to get yourself motivated at times?

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It basically refers to limiting the size of the popula All in all I now see even better, that money is really important. You can give money to a charitable trust as well where your money is used in the proper way to help other people.

If they do not have money, they can only dream of going to the doctor and get medicinal treatment. School here may be gratis, with money you are able to afford for example a private school or extra help, though.

You would end up being a poor homeless person. Money is the most liquid of all assets i. In this case, you can easily lend money and help them to combat the difficult times. In addition, errors can occur in the course of electronic transactions, while paper money secure transactions, although there is a risk of robbery or physical loss of the paper money, when an individual just drops the wallet occasionally.

Money constitutes the basis of credit. Money as a standard of deferred payments is performing useful function enabling the current and present transactions to be discharged in future. This is why the paper money still exists and competes with electronic transactions.

They can make you pauper by the time you realize what is happening. Kinley lays stress on the contingent functions of money. It is sad but true fact that majority of relationships in the world is based on the flow of money not only in professional but also in personal space.

The paper money can be used, regardless of the financial situation. Half says it is wrong, the other says it is true. It works like an aphrodisiac that would cement the bond between the couples.


Standard of Deferred Payments: Also, I want my children to have a good chance for life. And one of the questions was: I often ask my friends: They forget to enjoy their life and just focus on how to get money.

Not only the worth I always said, I say and I will say that happiness is not money, but the presence of healthy loved relatives and friends close by us. Learn to save hard earned wealth and invest intelligently in leading a happy and healthy life in the future.

People get quality medical care only when they are able to pay for the services in terms of credit card or cash.

As such, money becomes an economic force in its own right, which under certain circumstances, powerfully affects economic activities. Monetary theorists hold that the use of money as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, as a measure of value, as a standard of deferred payments along with its contingent functions has the capacity of influencing the volume and direction of economic activity that would not occur in a barter economy.

Tribes have learned to live naturally and have adapted to the nature, while industry countries have invented artificial stuff for everything. So do explore ways to make money but also enjoy your life and give time to your family.

But this rarely happens. Money as a store of value through time means the shifting of purchasing power from the present to the future and as such it serves as an important link between the present and the future.

You can offer a better life to your family — If you want your family to be happy, money is something that you will need the most.

If so, this would be the first sentence, and is followed by:May 11,  · The importance of money has become so important for life, Money is one of the most important things in our lives now see even better, that money is really important. I guess the importance of money keeps on rising You repeat the same thing over, rather than developing a thesis with specific points.

Money defines relationships: It is sad but true fact that majority of relationships in the world is based on the flow of money not only in professional but also in personal space.

As a person, you should stay clear of the buddies who are financial parasites. Essay about Role of Money in Society FUCNTIONS OF MONEY As the word money is used in everyday conversation, it can mean many things, but to economists it has a very specific meaning.

It is defined as anything that is generally accepted in payment for goods or services or in the repayment of debts. Here are some of the aspects that clearly indicate that money is necessary.

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Importance of money One cannot deny the importance of money because it is the most necessary thing that we require. Just like you need food to live similarly you need money to survive. role of money in our life; importance of money in our life essay; advantages of money in our life; Related Articles.

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